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Ducks for Sale

Ducks are great fun and have fantastic characters. Ideal kept as pairs or trios, ducks chatter away with their comic quacking noise, whilst drakes are quiet and very ornamental.

Please contact us for availability.

If you come intending to purchase ducks, please bring either a pet carrier, cardboard box or dog crate.

Please read our conditions carefully before you purchase our birds.

All are very welcome at Sunnyside Poultry, but everyone, particularly those with children, should be aware that this is a working smallholding and can be hazardous if sensible precautions are not followed. Please ensure that you read and agree to abide by the safety notice (copy here) before you visit us.


Our Khaki & White Campbells are excellent layers, with an egg yield to rival that of any of hybrid pullets. Ducklings sometimes also available priced by age from £8.50.

White Campbell Drakes available.

5.00 each


Abacot Ranger


Very attractive, rare and much sought after ducks and drakes available now.

£30.00 per bonded pair



These pretty little ducks are mixed colours and are usually sold as bonded pairs.

20.00 per bonded pair




Our Cayugas are stunning birds; black with a green/blue sheen. We also have some "Daffy Ducks", Cayuga crosses. We have one bonded pair available at £30. Males also available.



Beautiful little dark bantams ducks, great, chatty, slug clearers and full of character.

£20.00 per bonded pair


Important Welfare Information - Before considering keeping any type of animal, please ensure that you are able to follow the "Five Freedoms" as set out by the RSPCA.

If you are interested in Guinea Fowl please visit, breeders and suppliers of guineas, day old and off heat keets, and hatching eggs.

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