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A reputable and established East Midlands Poultry Specialist - Hybrid Point of Lay Hens, Pure Bred Bantams, Pure Bred Chickens, Quail, Omlet Eglu Go & Traditional Poultry Housing, Chicken Keeping Equipment and Feed for Sale.


Welcome to Sunnyside Poultry!

Chickens for sale - Mixed Colour Hybrid Layer Hens and Pekin Bantams available now!
Wyandottes, Orpingtons and many more assorted Pure Bred hens regularly available.

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We have quality point of lay chickens (pullets / hens / layers) and quail for sale and are situated in the East Midlands, just outside Swadlincote and Burton on Trent, on the borders of Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Leicestershire.

Our hybrid hens are reared to a high welfare standard, are fully vaccinated and have full traceability.

Our Pekin Bantams, Pure Bred Bantams, Large Fowl and Japanese Quail are reared by us and a small number of trusted suppliers to high welfare and breed standards.

children & silkieWe have kept our own poultry for the last 20 years starting with a few free range hybrid hens in our own back garden, growing into the huge range of chickens at our smallholding - the perfect egg producers!

If you are new to poultry keeping, we will do our best to help you set up with everything you need and offer advice on chicken keeping, poultry housing, point of lay hybrid hens, hybrid pullets, their care and maintenance.

Keeping free range chickens at home or on an allotment is one of the fastest growing hobbies.  Nothing is better than collecting free range eggs freshly laid by your own hens in your own back garden, then serving the eggs up to your family minutes later.

If you keep your own hens you know what they eat, so no more worrying about additives in commercial chicken feed; your eggs will be naturally healthy and delicious.

If you would like to find out more about our hybrid or purebred point of lay chickens, bantams, hybrid pullets, hybrid hens, chickens for sale or poultry housing, please don't hesitate to call, we are happy to help.


Omlet Eglu Go From only £360 (with Free Hens Starter Pack or Free Delivery),
Traditional Wooden Hen Houses From Only £135

Omlet Eglu Go Red
Our hen houses and chicken coops are available for mainland UK delivery, collection from Derbyshire or as a collected Starter Pack. For full details, Buy Now options and Special Offers see Housing.

Poultry Keeping Courses

Our courses in 2014 will be held on a Sunday towards the end of each month at 11:00.  This will be a short 1 hour course and only £15 per person. Please Telephone or email to book. Starter kits are available for you to take away on the day. See Poultry Keeping Courses for more information.


We stock everything you need for your flock, including competitively priced housing, feed, feeders, drinkers, bedding and health products. See Starter Packs and Products for more information.

Poultry Boarding Service

A Hen Boarding Service for birds supplied by us. See Hen Holidays. Other small animals can usually be accomodated by prior arrangement, ask for details.

All are very welcome at Sunnyside Poultry, but everyone, particularly those with children, should be aware that this is a working smallholding and can be hazardous if sensible precautions are not followed. Please ensure that you read and agree to abide by the safety notice (copy here) before you visit us.


Latest News:.

We expanded our range of hens in 2013 and now regularly stock a large quantity of bantam pullets, including Pekins, Wyandottes, Sable Poots, Barbu D'Uccles and Dutch Bantams.

We now have home bred Japanese Quail & Qauil Eggs available to order.

Follow us for Regular Updates on Stock and Special Offers